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Fuzzy Logic

Do you know how a telephone, a remote control or a faucet works? We often take these mundane technologies for granted, and forget to marvel their operational logic, or question the underlying conventions. Fuzzy logic is a branch of science that studies non-binary systems: What if the truth value of a statement is not true […]

Mutta metsän polkua kuljen kummallista

Mutta metsän polkua kuljen kummallista On aurinko vaipuu,on tähdet ja karjojen kellot Kiiluu kautta huikaisten sädekirkas tieni.Muistelen päivin ja intohimon syvyys, suurempi kuin on tuonyksin yössä kuoro jonka tuntee tulen suonissaan ja valaa kastehenki Tulla Tuonen arvoitusta.kunis näämme ne hienot sielut Ken eli hetken, hälle musta multa armasta, ah, sydänjuurihin saakka!ystävät elon suuren, runsaan Häntä […]

Visceral Petting Zoo

Visceral Petting Zoo is a participatory sound performance where a menagerie of cute but creepy creatures come to life. The performance demonstrates the ambiguous relationship between affection and revulsion through the concept of “cute aggression” — a cognitive phenomenon that describes the strong urge to bite, squeeze or otherwise harm particularly cute beings. The audience […]

Uncanny Dimple

Uncanny Dimple examines the close proximity between the cute and the creepy. Drawing from roboticist Masahiro Mori’s concept of the Uncanny Valley, which explains the eeriness of lifelike robots, my theory of the Uncanny Dimple portrays a parallel phenomenon in the context of cuteness. The robotic creatures inhabiting the soft depths of the dimple demonstrate […]


Grasper makes tangible the embodied knowledge manifested in female labour and experience. Domestic chores, crafts, manual factory work and other dexterity-requiring occupations traditionally carried out by women take place outside the hegemonic systems of knowledge production, but entail a different kind of epistemology—one of sensuous, intuitive and experiential wisdom stored in the haptic memory. Envisioning […]


Inspired by an alien species in a sci-fi novel by Vernor Vinge, the skroderiders explore the implications of bestowing agency to non-human beings and the possibilities of cybernetically enhanced symbiosis. In addition to a biological codependence, the mutualistic relationship between the two individuals tells a non-human love story of robotic romance.