Interactive installation exploring female labour and tactile knowledge (and udders)

Grasper makes tangible the embodied knowledge manifested in female labour and experience. Domestic chores, crafts, manual factory work and other dexterity-requiring occupations traditionally carried out by women take place outside the hegemonic systems of knowledge production, but entail a different kind of epistemology—one of sensuous, intuitive and experiential wisdom stored in the haptic memory. Envisioning absurd alternatives that blur the lines between manual, intellectual and automated labour, Grasper examines the politics of work, knowledge and the body. Exhibited at Echosystems 2018 degree show for MA/MFA Computational Arts at Goldmsiths, University of London, and at Binary Code exhibition at Seager Gallery, London, in 2019.

Seager Gallery, 2019

Goldsmiths College, 2018

Eevi Rutanen