Fuzzy Logic

Charting the hazy area between binary truths and falsehoods

Do you know how a telephone, a remote control or a faucet works? We often take these mundane technologies for granted, and forget to marvel their operational logic, or question the underlying conventions.

Fuzzy logic is a branch of science that studies non-binary systems: What if the truth value of a statement is not true or false but something in between? In the same vein, the exhibition strives to challenge our perception of the positivistic logic inherent in science and technology: Does a machine always either function or fail? What happens if a piece of technology does not aim to be infallible or functional at all?

Science and engineering are often seen as inaccessible, masculine and authoritarian institutions guided by hard values and mechanistic truths. Women and other marginalised groups have historically been neglected or excluded from the technological discourse, and cast as either domesticated users and consumers or servile assistants and avatars.

The exhibition’s interactive installations merge soft and hard both literally and metaphorically: by combining electronics and hardware with plush textiles, familiar technologies are transformed into absurd systems of fuzzy logic. The artworks attempt to demystify the hard sciences by unsettling the predominant values and aesthetics of modern technoscience. In a society governed by machine logic, can softness, fallibility and inclusivity prevail?

My second solo exhibition was held at Huuto gallery in Helsinki 4–27 March 2022. The exhibition was supported by Finnish Art Society.