Past life

A selection of Illustrations and design work from 2015—2018


Merch for female empowerment.


Commissioned illustration for feminist journal Astra’s centennial publication Denna framtiden är vårPublished by Förlaget in 2018.

Rakkaus niinku

Cover art and illustrations for Johannes Ekholm’s novel Rakkaus niinku. Layout designed together with GRMMXI. Published by Otava in 2016.

Baltic Circle 2017

Visual identity for Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival. Designed together with GRMMXI.

SHĪDO & HANA ( シード と花)

A set of posters exhibited in Lokal Gallery in 2015.

Not Equal Yet

Design for a bank note. In 2015 the average income for women in Finland was 5/6 of an average income for men.

Suomen Diaries

Illustrations for Aino Magazine, 2016.

6th Sense

Illustration for Torso magazine, 2016.


Poster design from 2016.


Poster design from 2015.